Guest & Visitor Policy

Since the YMCA is a membership organization, Staff always strives to better serve our dues-paying members. Every guest must complete a guest or away visitor form each calendar year visit to the facility.

1. All guests must have proper identification upon check-in.

2. The YMCA may restrict the number of guests that a member may bring in at any one time in order to avoid over crowding in the facility.

3. The YMCA may restrict guest visits during peak facility and program use periods.

Ages Cost
12 & Under $5.00 per person
13 & Over $10.00 per person

New Local Guests may receive one (1) free visit if you have never been to our facility.

In town guests may visit for the above fees. If the guest decides to join within 30 days of the visit, the fee will be applied to the joining fee. There is NO LIMIT to local guests paying the fees listed above.

Out-of-town guests (60+ miles) may use the facility at no charge. Limited to 7 visits per year. If you use all your visits before the year ends, you may pay the daily in-town rate.